The Modern Appeal of Glass Partitions and Doors

Many of us have experienced working in spaces that are either large rooms with cramped cubicles or dim hallways with heavy doors leading into boxy rooms. These classic office scenarios are still common. While they may seem like an efficient design to the employer, this cramming of personnel into a bullpen environment or keeping them hidden and isolated from other colleagues may no longer be as conducive to a productive and inspiring work environment as they might think.

Acknowledging Employee Concerns

During the ongoing weeks of social distancing and enhanced health awareness during the Coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that employees continue to feel safe and confident while working within their office environment is especially important. Adjusting the office space to operate within the new normal boundaries is of primary concern to many employers in maintaining trust from personnel.

Glass partitioning shows you the Light

Utilising glazed partitioning and doors within the workspace invites increased light and a sense of airiness, whether the office environment is a large room or a smaller, more intimate area. Employees don’t feel cut off from fellow workers and still retain their privacy within a personal working space, motivating productivity. They also project the personality of the company, giving the working environment a current and inviting quality. Doors especially can be customised with descriptive lettering and logos.

A Sound Solution

Structured walls may seem soundproof but could allow noise to travel easily into adjoining rooms, especially when insulated improperly. Acoustic bleed can be an undesirable result. Glazed partitioning and doors are highly efficient in reducing noise, and installing double-glazed partitions provide superior soundproofing.

Not Just Good Looks

While giving a modern boost to any office environment, glazed partitions and doors also serve a practical purpose. When required, specialised fire-resistant glass can be installed, improving fire safety ratings.

Glazed partitions and doors are cost-effective solutions for any office scenario. They are less messy and easier to install than traditionally structured walls, quick to set up, and ergonomically customised to your requirements. Work with the professionals at Cube 7 Interiors to design and update your space into an efficient, professional environment that fits your company’s style and attitude.

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