Glass Partitions

In any office space, glass partitions can play a key role in the aesthetic and functionality. Not only do they offer privacy and help to create individual offices, but they can also help to protect fire from spreading. They’re a solution relied on by hundreds of businesses, and they are cost-effective too.
Cube 7 Interiors supply and install glazed partitions in Manchester, Liverpool and across many North West areas. We specialise in office refurbishments, office partitioning and office fit out and re-fits, but we can also discuss home renovations with you too if required. Along with offering frameless fully glazed partitioning systems, we can also equip your space with solid partitioning too.

Cube7 Glazed PARTITIONING Products


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Creating a glazed partition space that works for you

Whether you’re moving into a new office or looking to renovate an existing space, we can design and build an office that works for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a massive open-plan room with nothing else happening – with our glass and solid partitions, we can help to create boardrooms and meeting rooms that are acoustic-protected and fire-safe. We can also help to create office space for your key employees, with the benefit of ensuring they can also see out into the wider office if desired.
Whether you’re looking for single or double-glazed, transparent or frosted, hinged or sliding glazed doors, aluminium, wood channels or fire approved, we have the partitioning solution for you. We pride ourselves on the high-quality, professional and bespoke service that we deliver to clients.

Glass partitioning benefits…

There are a number of benefits to using glass partitioning within your office. It can provide either a temporary or permanent divide within an office space, separating it out into multiple areas with complete rooms. These will all have a high-quality, professional finish that will ensure visitors and staff feel as though they are working within a respectable, productive office.

Glass partitioning can also provide a decorative finish to spaces, for example at the entrance of corridors or stairways. You are able to add your company logo to the partitions too, helping to create a branded, cohesive space that represents your company’s values and matches the other areas of your office. For added decoration, you could also opt to have slightly curved glass partitions made for you as a bespoke order.

If you want to add particular focus to certain areas, you could use bevelled glass designs or textured colours. These are also good if you want to make some spaces feel a little more private and enclosed; for example, offices that you would use when meeting with external guests. If you want to change how private a space feels depending on its use, you can also fit blinds within the sheets of glass or opt for high-tech glass that frosts over to become opaque with just the touch of a button.

Glazed partitions can also help to give your office a more intimate feeling in which those working within it feel as though they have some level of privacy. In dividing your office with glazed partitioning, you can also help to reduce the noise levels overall, which can be beneficial for workers. For extra silencing, double-glazed partitions provide a great acoustic solution and sound insulation.

In addition to this, glass partitions provide a cost-effective solution for dividing up a room or altering the layout. It is much more affordable than building expensive structural walls, and far quicker too. It will put your office at minimum disruption and can often be completed in a matter of hours. There won’t be any builder’s mess to clear up afterwards either. In fact, it will be like we were never there, except your office will be transformed!

Glazed partitions help to keep your office light, airy and spacious and, through using glass, you can help to create the illusion of openness while retaining the practicalities of divided offices. They can also be hugely practical, especially when they are made more fire resistant with special glass if required. This can particularly help the health and safety rating of your building. You can also add doors to them if needed, either as a framed or frameless design, with either sliding or hinged features.

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We’re experts in what we do…

With over 30 years experience, we’ve fitted over 1,200 refurbishment projects and completed over 1,500 partitions in North West offices. At Cube7 Interiors, we’re experts at what we do and we’d love to have the opportunity to help you enhance your office design. Our pricing is competitive and affordable, and our 100% customer satisfaction rate means our clients keep on coming back to us – there’s no need for us to hike up our prices!


Get in touch with Cube7 Interiors today. We are based in the North West and service all areas in this region, as well as installing glass partitions in Liverpool and Manchester. We can work throughout the UK though, so please do contact us with your requirements. We will endeavour to get back to you with a competitive quote within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail.