What Does the Future Hold for Office Space After COVID?

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, many employers required that their staff work from home, resulting in employees shifting priorities to adapt to the change, especially in households with children.

The time spent getting ready and commuting to the workplace has now transformed into bonus time spent with family. Others enjoyed more flexibility with their work schedule, allowing for activities previously hampered by regulated business hours.

While these changes in work situations have not been a positive experience for all employees, it may be incumbent upon a workplace to affect positive changes that will benefit everyone returning to the office.

From Home to Office: Changing Attitudes

As workplaces start to reopen, many employees are rethinking how they see themselves going forward within their chosen career.

In a recent study, over 40% of employees polled say that they are more productive working from home, especially with the increased accessibility of digital tools and media.

This shift in attitude has detonated a new corporate challenge to lure staff back to the workplace, and companies may be obliged to reimagine a revised workspace that aligns with current times. After all, they are competing with the privacy, comforts, and conveniences of home, and that’s going to be pretty tough to compete with. However, with a few adjustments and a specific focus on employee wellbeing, employers might be able to rise to the challenge.

Incorporating Light, Opening Sightlines

Traditional office layouts are experiencing an overhaul to provide more space and ergonomic efficiency, more natural lighting, and relaxing areas where staff can take a breather. Today’s modern office building can incorporate clear or frosted glass dividers, bringing a fresh and attractive perspective, while at the same time giving a lighter, brighter aspect and even additional fire safety protection.

Replacing solid walls with modular glazed partitioning lend a sense of openness. Employees returning to their workplace want to feel safe and have plenty of breathing room, but they’ll also want to feel connected and energized by their surroundings.

The pandemic has changed the way many people view their workday and work habits. In light of this post-COVID outlook, a workplace makeover just might be the ticket!

Companies are rethinking how they utilize their office spaces and revamp their look without breaking the bank. Seeking out professionals to achieve innovative office design using glazed partitions and doors could be the way to welcome employees back and facilitate a successful return to office life.