‘Agile Working’ And What It Means For The Modern Office

Over the years, the term “agile working” has described various ways of working, which has led to confusion when attempting to define what it truly means.

So, what is agile working, and how will it affect your office?

Agile working brings people, processes, technology, time, and place together to find the best way to carry out a particular assignment or task. It means working within the guidelines of the task but without boundaries of how you complete it.

The key to a thriving agile working environment is a rOver the years, the term “agile working” has describesponsive and adaptable organisation that allows flexibility within the workplace.

Agile working needs the following:

Flexible working

  • Employees may work remotely or have flexible hours. Studies have shown that organisations offering these incentives have increased productivity and less employee turnover.

Reduced pressure

  • Agile work environments often encourage fluidity in job roles making work more varied and exciting for staff.


  • Agile working cultures emphasise speed in decision-making and carrying out tasks — the fluidity in job roles and flexible working complement this.

An office space equipped for agile working

  • Most importantly, an agile company needs to provide a suitable space and environment for their staff to adopt agile working. Giving your employees space to concentrate, collaborate, or use technology to connect with a colleague working remotely are examples of facilitating an agile working culture in your organisation.

The difference between agile working and flexible working

Agile working can be applied whenever and wherever you’re working.

It’s all about the best and most efficient way for an organisation to carry out its business. This can relate to the culture and environment at your workplace and also how your office is designed.

Flexible working can be incorporated, but agile working is also about how the work is carried out, encouraging high flexibility with low constraints.

How to adopt agile working

The way to approach agile working can differ from one company to the next. However, an agile office design will be the first step. Creating the right environment is vital. For agile working to be a success, it needs to be part of the culture. If you give your employees a workspace that truly works for them, you will create a productive and motivational environment.

Here are Cube7 Interiors‘ tips for adopting an agile approach in your workplace:

  • Provide a space for collaboration, creativity and connection with colleagues working remotely
  • Trust your staff and give them some autonomy
  • Make the most of technology, especially if introducing flexible working

If you want to transform your office into an agile workplace, contact us.