Understanding Fire Rated Glass

Basic’s to Fire Rated Glass


Fire rated glass is described in a different way to the conventional fire ratings of doors and solid plasterboard partitions/dry lining.


Usually noted as: 30/0, 30/ 30, 60/ 0 and 60/60. This is defined as integrity/insulation.

Integrity in glass means the glass will stay as a structure for specified the period of time (30min/60min/90min)

Insulation in glass means the glass will not allow transfer of heat for specified the period of time (30min/60min/90min).


These ratings are calculated by building control or the fire officer for the building and depend on a number of factors including persons working on the floor, number of fire escapes, fire escape route and distance from fire escapes, along with a lot more.


If you are unsure of the fire rating requirement of your new layout. Polar charge a one off fee of £500+VAT to contact building control or this is already wrapped up in our design package.