How Green Can Your Office Refurb Be?

Being environmentally friendly, or “going green” is so important these days, and more offices are taking steps to be greener by installing energy saving equipment, and working hard to minimise waste output, amongst other strategies. If you are considering an office refurb, then you should definitely take the time to investigate how to make your office space more environmentally friendly in a number of ways, by conserving energy, going paperless whenever possible, and bringing greenery into the space just to name a few options. Here, we explain some of the considerations to make when planning an eco friendly refurb.




There are a few aspects of lighting that can be considered when trying to be environmentally considerate, yet still properly accommodate an office. Over 40% of an office’s electricity consumption goes to overhead lighting, yet you can minimise these costs by incorporating as much natural lighting into your space as possible. In addition to having an office with plenty of windows, when lighting is necessary it is better to opt for compact fluorescent bulbs in favour of incandescent varieties, as they are longer lasting and consume up to 75% less energy. Additional savings can be had by using LED lights for desk lamps and other small light sources. Motion sensors can also be an economical investment when trying to maximise energy conservation, because when nobody is in a particular area the light will remain off, but as soon as somebody enters the space, they have the lighting required.


Heating and Cooling


Heating and cooling is another large portion of the energy budget in an office, but there are many eco-friendly tips that can help reduce these costs significantly, and even improve the quality of air in the working environment. The most cost efficient and easiest to implement of these tips is including plant life. Placing a small potted plant on every desktop and having a variety of indoor plants throughout the office can have a big effect on temperature regulation, as plants act as a natural air conditioner due to a process called transpiration. Setting the thermostat lower will also made a significant difference in the cost of heating, and even a small temperature change by only two or three degrees can save hundreds of pounds a year, and will likely go unnoticed by employees.


Waste Management


An office full of employees can quickly generate a considerable amount of waste if measures aren’t taken to keep it under control and going paperless wherever possible is an absolute must, as this will save on huge amounts of paper eventually ending up in the bin. When paper IS necessary it should be shredded and then properly recycled. Setting up an office recycling program will significantly reduce the amount of trash generated, and providing designated receptacles for the various recyclable materials can encourage this.



Office Supplies


Not only are office supplies a substantial part of a business’s operating budget, but they can be quite the detriment to the environment as well. There are many office supplies on the market that are considered to be green because they are completely reusable, recyclable or made from recycled materials. Pens, paper, shipping materials, and other stationary items can all be purchased almost anywhere, and are affordable, making them a viable option for any business. Even ink and toner can be purchased that are made from all recycled materials, or feature refillable cartridges allowing them to be used time and time again.




The ventilation system in an office is quite important too, as it can help control heating and cooling costs, and directly impacts the comfort of those working in the environment, as well as their health because good ventilation removes heat emissions and air pollution from the environment and replaces it with healthy fresh air. Consider the most eco friendly options for ventilation, and you’re sure to see your energy costs lowered.


Going green can provide your business with substantial benefits, such as lowering energy bills, and even attracting customers who prefer to deal with eco friendly businesses, in addition to lowering our carbon footprint and allowing you to operate your business with the knowledge that you’re not harming the environment.