As the business world continues to evolve, so too must our approach to how we work. The solution? Co-working spaces!

At Cube7 Interiors, we have vast experience creating sleek, modern, productive office spaces in Manchester and Liverpool using clever design and top-quality glazed partitions and glass doors.

So, what exactly is a co-working space, and why are they important?

A co-working space is a shared office environment for individuals or groups of people who share the same objectives and need quick access to flexible workspaces.

This modern-day alternative to traditional offices allows professionals from all industries, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and even larger organisations, a platform in which they can stay productive while building relationships with like-minded professionals.

Introducing the Co-working Revolution

The co-working revolution has brought with it a whole new model of the office:

  • Glass partitions
  • Glass doors
  • Vibrant plants blooming throughout the space
  • Office design that prioritises collaboration and innovation
  • Co-working spaces have become hubs for creativity, inviting entrepreneurs and groups of any size to customise their workspace.

At Cube7 Interiors, we understand that it’s not just about the office space – but how workers feel when they are there. They want to feel productive, calm and happy.

Glass partitions, plants, breakout areas and innovative office designs will lead to this.

The Benefits of Co-working Spaces for Remote Workers

Co-working spaces offer great benefits for remote workers, who are usually required to work in isolation. There are glazed partitions that give remote workers their own semi-private space so they can stay focused and productive. The glazed partitions will provide a much-needed physical boundary and block out potential distractions from other people and work areas.

Co-working spaces also allow remote workers to collaborate and interact with others while getting their work done.

Access to conference rooms, group activities such as yoga or gaming nights, and networking events helps foster meaningful relationships with peers beyond the usual coworker interactions in traditional office spaces.

Not only can these friendships extend outside of the workplace and develop into a supportive community, but this camaraderie can help keep everyone motivated and inspired on their individual journeys to productivity.

How to Make Co-working Spaces More Sustainable

The popularity of co-working spaces has steadily risen due to their increased flexibility and affordability.

To meet current demands, organisations must come up with creative solutions to make co-working spaces more sustainable. Glass partitions and glass doors are a great way to reduce energy consumption because they allow the space to be flooded with natural light, reducing the need for electric light fixtures.

Additionally, reusing furniture can further help organisations create sustainable spaces with minimal environmental impact.

Designing the Ultimate Co-working Space

The concept of co-working spaces has quickly become all the rage in the modern business world – and rightfully so, as they offer unprecedented convenience for both start-ups and established companies alike.

To ensure these spaces provide their users with the most optimal experience, however, one must consider many factors, from noise control to lighting saturation.

It’s also important to foster a sense of community within the space while still giving members a sense of privacy. By investing thought and care into carefully crafting a space that caters to those needs, businesses can create an experience where focus and collaboration will run high and yield superior results.

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Co-working Space

When considering a co-working space, it’s crucial to think about the size and layout of the space, the amenities offered, the safety measures in place, and the cost.

If you are looking for community and collaboration with others who work from home or remotely, you must find a coworking space that supports these needs.

Many co-working spaces provide private workspaces for those who want the freedom and privacy that comes with working at home but still like to interact with other professionals in their field.

Co-working spaces provide unparalleled opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to collaborate, get their work done, and be productive.

With these guidelines in mind, you can plan the perfect space for you and your employees to dream up your next big idea.

Now is an exciting time for co-working spaces: Cube7 Interiors is proud to create positive change for business owners everywhere with our top-quality glass partitions, office design services and furniture packages!

If you’re based in Liverpool, Manchester and the North West and want to learn more about how we can transform your office space, contact us now!