Relocate or Refurbish Your Office?

Relocate or refurbish? How to achieve office fit out and refurbishment success

When it is time to decide on relocating to a new office or refurbishing your current workspace, you are making an investment in the future of your business. Your workspace is where your brand comes to life through the people you recruit to help you.  It is where creativity and great ideas are born. However, if your current workspace is not right regarding cost, location or spatial needs, it may be time to invest in a space that can carry you through the next decade and beyond. Every company at some point is faced with the decision of whether to move into a new office space or change the existing one. There is a tendency to view moving to a new office as the better option, but in many cases, office refurbishment may be more efficient. This might mean downsizing two floors of staff into one or fitting more desks efficiently into a single office.  Here are some important points to consider when making your choice.

Why do businesses need to change their office space?

There are two common reasons why businesses need to change their workplace: a) the organisation needs to accommodate change; whether it is an increase or decrease in staff or b) it is about to introduce a new way of working, technology or culture. With the help of intelligent space planning, growing businesses are often able to accommodate more people in an existing office. This is by either changing the organisation’s space planning standards or freeing up poorly used space. However, for businesses introducing a change in culture, how things are done (process) or technology, this can present a much less clear-cut approach.

Working environments play a crucial role in the future of businesses. They affect everything from client perceptions to staff morale, recruitment and retention, productivity and, of course, profitability.


Evaluate how much space you currently occupy and how much space you really need. Space efficiency is crucial, but be sure to include room for growth. Think about what you want to achieve if you decide to refurbish your office space. More meeting rooms? Fully integrated audiovisual and communications technology? Brand cohesion? Zones that support particular ways of working?


Is technology helping or is it hampered? Technology can pretty much determine how and where we work.  Ask yourself what works in your workplace and what doesn’t.  What are your limitations and aspirations? What’s the long-term strategy? Answering the question of ‘stay or go’ is not just one of property and capital expenditure, it is much more all-encompassing because it requires an in-depth look at your business and operations first.


While a new office may help to attract new staff, factors such as location, access to transport and amenities can also impact on your current workforce. Could your workforce travel to a new location?

Brand Identity

If your organisation is strongly associated with a particular building, would a move be detrimental?


An office refurbishment can cost as much as an office move – consider your budget when making your choice.

If you are looking to transform your current office space and need a fit out specialist, we have accomplished some impossible-sounding feats and enhanced productivity and team morale in the process. Talk to us about your dream office today.