Is your school safeguarded for COVID-19 Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is a primary concern for education facilities given the impact on their students and staff.  At the start of the outbreak, the legal duty of care to provide a safe place to work and learn primarily meant communicating with staff on hygiene advice and updating and implementing travel and absence policies. Now that the UK government is planning to ease the lockdown, Cube7 Interiors can help your school to safeguard for the return of students once the restrictions are eased. We can implement solutions such as the following to ensure maximum safety for staff and students alike:

  • Partitions in the classroom
  • Dedicated areas in sports halls & main halls

Having any building work carried out is a massive decision for anyone, whether it’s in your workplace or your home. However, there are specific environments where finding an expert requires much consideration, and a school is certainly one of these.

At Cube7 Interiors, we have been carrying out projects in the education world for several years, and when the time is necessary to deal with a school refurbishment company, you can be confident that we have all the skills and expertise you could wish for. Developing the perfect environment for learning requires incredible attention to detail, a flair for design and the knowledge of the latest standards, regulations and research that produces a place to work that is only exceeded by the enthusiasm of the students and teachers that use it daily.

As a  school refurbishment contractor, the team at Cube7 have a wealth of experience and can assist in the creation, planning and refurbishment of the following areas:

  • Communal areas
  • Food technology classrooms
  • Music rooms
  • Drama studios and auditoria
  • Design and technology labs
  • Lockers and changing areas
  • Science labs
  • Reception areas
  • Common rooms
  • Sixth form and FE learning spaces
  • ICT suites
  • Libraries and learning resource centres
  • Office and admin areas
  • Canteen and dining areas
  • Art studios
  • Classrooms
  • Washrooms
  • Dormitories and boarding houses