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Hazards and mistakes when planning your office fit out

Whether you are setting up your company in an office setting for the first time or you are re-locating your firm to new premises, there are several hazards and pit falls to be careful of when planning your office fit out.

There are several common mistakes than inexperienced management or business owners make when planning an office fit out. These mistakes can be very costly for business both in terms of money and in productivity. Here is a list of hazards and pit falls to look out for to ensure that you don’t make any of these mistakes when organising your own office fit out.

Not seeking professional help

One of the biggest pitfalls you could fall into is believing that you can do your office fit internally without seeking any professional help or advice. Professional office fit companies will have the knowledge and experience of exactly what is required during an office fit out. They will understand and be able to carry out all the necessary checks on your new building and also be able to advise you on the best layout for your business. Engaging a professional office fit company can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Assuming that all buildings are the same

You may be moving from one office block to a similarly designed office block it does not mean that the buildings are the same at all. From the exterior they may look very similar but there may be a variety of essential differences which, if you are not aware of, could cost you time and money should to need to reorganise your layout. Worst-case scenario? The building may actually not be fit for your business purposes at all. During the planning of your office fit you should have surveys conducted on the new building’s mechanics, electrics and services. You should also survey the IT services, telecoms and communication systems. A thorough survey carried out before the office fit will give you an in-depth knowledge of exactly what type of building you are moving in to and whether or not it is suitable for your needs.

Not having a full budget and financial plan in place

Relocating or setting up in an office for the first time can be an expensive project and as with any business project you should always put together a financial plan and create a budget. Creating a budget helps you recognise exactly what your company is capable of spending on your office fit and help you to keep track of spending. Your budget will help you to determine which suppliers and manufacturers you use and what furniture you can buy for your office space. All the possible factors should be considered in your budget and this can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Leaving the communications room as an afterthought

In today’s modern world, a business’s success and survival depends solely on its ability to communicate. Telecommunication lines and Internet access are vital for all business and with this in mind, they should be of highest importance when planning your office fit. Many companies make the mistake of not prioritising where their communications room is going to be situated and it often ends up as an afterthought. This is a fatal error. The size and location of your communication room is something that needs to be throughout and planned depending on the size of your company and your business requirements. You also need to think about its security, environment and any other technical details which should all be surveyed and checked before any office fit is finalised. Making a mistake about the location of your communications room could be a very costly error to put right.

Article supplied by Cube7 Interiors – interior construction company specialising in office refurbishments, fit outs and both glass and solid partitioning projects across the North West of England.