If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to improve your office space. A modern and simple makeover using Cube7 Interiors’ glass partitions can give your office a fresh new look and help it feel more spacious.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 ways to give your office a modern makeover. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right glazed partitions and glass doors for your space.

1. Invest in good-quality glass partitions and doors

Glass partitions will instantly give your office a modern, polished look while also providing an extra layer of privacy. Cube7 Interiors offers a range of glass partition solutions that are perfect for any office – from glass walls to glass doors and more.

2. Let in natural light

Natural light is a great way to make any office space look brighter and more inviting. Ensure that your glass partitions are strategically placed so that the natural light can stream in and brighten up your workspace.

3. Incorporate plants

Plants can help to bring life into any office environment and improve air quality too. Consider planting low-maintenance succulents throughout the office and around glass partitions for a touch of greenery.

4. Choose furniture that matches your glass partitions

The glass walls, doors, or dividers you choose can be enhanced by your other furniture. Opt for chic, modern pieces in complementary colours to add to the look of your glass partitions. At Cube7 Interiors, we offer furniture packages. Contact us now to find out more.

5. Hang artwork

Adding art to the walls will give your office a unique and modern feel. Choose abstract prints that complement the overall design of your glass partition.

6. Install tech-friendly glass partitions

It’s important to stay connected while still maintaining privacy. Cube7 Interiors glass partitions are expertly fitted and will not obscure power sockets and Wi-Fi boosters.

7. Add a glass roof

A glass roof can create the illusion of an extra-large office space and bring in natural light at the same time. Just be sure to use glass that’s designed to withstand extreme heat or cold. At Cube7 Interiors, we offer full office refurbishment services.

8. Choose glass partitions wisely

When choosing glazed office partitions and glass doors, make sure you pick ones that are durable. Cube7 Interiors’ glass partition solutions are made from the highest quality glass and we offer a variety of styles to choose from.

9. Pair glass partitions with neutral colours on walls

To give your glass partitions a modern look, opt for neutral colour palettes such as white, grey, or beige on accompanying solid walls. This will make the glass partition blend in with the other furniture and create a consistent style throughout the office.

10. Don’t forget about soundproof glass partitions

If you need an extra layer of privacy in your office, consider installing soundproof glass partitions. Cube7 Interiors’ glass partition solutions are designed to provide maximum sound insulation while still letting natural light come in.

By following the above tips, you can give your office a modern makeover with glass partitions and glass fire doors.

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