There is a lot to consider when planning an office makeover with glass partitions. From space assessments and layout optimisation to selecting flooring materials, everything must be taken into account in order to create an inviting workspace that boosts productivity.

Unfortunately, such a project can easily go wrong if the right steps are not taken – leading businesses astray from their intended purpose or vision.

Here, we will explore five common office design pitfalls businesses need to look out for so they can avoid making costly mistakes while creating their dream workplace environment.

1. Avoid solid partitions

Solid partitions can make your office feel dark and depressing. At Cube7 Interiors, we can create an open and airy workspace for you while still providing privacy using our top-quality glazed screens and doors.

Glass fire doors can be used to separate spaces without silencing conversations and disrupting the flow of productivity. This can result in an environment that is light and spacious, with glass panels subtly providing the much-needed privacy. By using glass panels with different levels of transparency, you can select the level of openness or privacy you require for your workspace.

2. Poorly spaced furniture

It can be a daunting task to arrange furniture in your office space, especially when the furniture packages come without proper guidelines.

In addition to ensuring functionality and organisational efficiency, it’s important to also consider aesthetics when it comes to furniture placement.

A safe bet is to use glass partitions for their versatile characteristics; not only do they create privacy but they act as a physical support for furniture too.

This allows furniture items like desks and swivel chairs to move freely without being hindered by bigger furniture items that take up too much space.

Taking advantage of glass partitions will ensure an ergonomic furniture arrangement while still keeping the space relatively aesthetically pleasing.

3. Poor lighting

Working in a cubicle with solid partitions can be difficult, especially when it comes to lighting, as they block natural light. To combat this issue, office designers should take into account the structure of glass surfaces and make sure that their glass screens and doors are situated near windows so that workers receive plenty of natural light during the day.

Additionally, further ensuring adequate lighting levels through the installation of artificial bulbs or lamps is necessary to achieve an optimal workspace environment.

This will create more vibrant workspaces while diminishing current issues due to poor lighting.

4. Say no to clutter

Office design experts know that too much clutter can sink a work environment’s productivity potential.

That’s why office design with glass partitions is becoming more popular in the office space.

It creates a clean and professional aesthetic while also allowing natural light to penetrate the area, thus creating a more open, less cramped atmosphere.

Fortunately, there are office storage solutions available that help ensure every office item has its rightful place – eliminating visual clutter to help keep workers motivated and productive.

With these solutions, office tidiness has never been easier!

5. Lack of decoration

Don’t forget to add some life to your office with artwork, plants, or a rug.

Decorating an office with glass partitions may seem like a challenge, but office accessories can be a great way to add life to the room.

Artwork, plants, and rugs are all great options. Artwork can complement the office atmosphere and lift everyone’s moods.

Plants are not only aesthetic but they also help clean the air circulation.

And of course, rugs can inject some warmth and cosiness into your office space.

So don’t forget to accessorise your office’s glass partitions and create a place that is inviting, warm, and alive!


Working in an office with glass partitions can provide the perfect balance between open and airy workspaces without sacrificing privacy.

However, it is important to ensure that furniture is spaced correctly, natural light is encouraged, clutter does not become too overwhelming and decorations give life to the area.

Consider creating an ergonomic workspace that allows your staff to remain productive while still allowing them to have an enjoyable time while they work.

Investing in office design will encourage growth within your business and allow the workspace to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. If you are based in Manchester or Liverpool and want to learn more about our bespoke office design services, glazed partitioning, and glass fire doors, contact us today – we would love to hear from you!