When Everton Football Club decided to revamp their training ground Finch Farm, we partnered with Mentha Halsall to provide top-quality glass partitions.

The Project

Our Cube Green single-glazed framed partitions were used to create a new office space – a crucial part of Everton’s First Team and Academy services – on the newly expanded ground floor of the Halewood centre.

In addition to creating a space for staff to work, breakaway areas were made available for players’ families – perfect for their children to do homework, relax, and hang out with others.

The Product

Our Cube Green framed partitioning system has a maximum module size of 1.2m wide with an aluminium dry joint.

A major benefit to this product is it uses a 32mm aluminium trim at the glass joints to provide a system with transoms and mullions.

These joints clamp the glass on all four sides, allowing us to offer different glass types.

Another perk of our Cube Green system is it is also available in solid partitioning, meaning it can easily be dismantled and moved. We simply swap the glass for plasterboard, and the aluminium trim means there is no need for a plastered finish. All that’s left to do is decorate.

The result

This was an extensive project, with £100,000 spent on our glass partitioning.

Everton Football Club were delighted with their ultra-modern office spaces and breakout areas, and our Cube Green glass partitions were the perfect accompaniment to the state-of-the-art facilities at Finch Farm.

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