The Advantages of Using Toughened Safety Glass for Your Office

Safety of Toughened Glass for Your Office

Glass is one of the most versatile building materials and makes for a great material of choice when designing workplace interiors. This is primarily due to its visual appeal and style. Glass solutions ensure that your workplace remains secure while at the same time, visually and aesthetically pleasing. Glass partitions are great for office spaces not only because they look great but also because they are capable of withstanding normal daily impacts and contact. It allows the occupants of a room to have a view of the outdoors while keeping harsh weather elements out.

What is Toughened Glass?

Glass for office buildings is usually available in three options: standard, laminated and tempered. Tempered glass is defined as toughened glass that has been treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength. Tempering a glass puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension.[1]

The Benefits of Toughened Glass

There are numerous advantages to using tempered glass in your office. It has great safety features which are best suited for industrial facilities, public buildings etc. By replacing your existing office windows and partitions with tempered glass, it is possible that you could prevent injury to your employees.

Why Toughened Glass Is Safe for Your Office

Toughened glass is up to five times as strong as ordinary glass which means that it has to be hit much harder in order to break.[2] The most important benefit of toughened glass is safety. Toughened glass reduces the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp jagged shards. As a result, there will be fewer injuries in the case of an accident.

When a window or partition breaks, generally it will shatter into extremely sharp slivers of glass which can cause personal injury. Flying glass during an accident can also cause serious injury to anyone around at the time of the break. The small pieces in a piece of broken tempered glass will simply fall and crumble into smaller pieces, this prevents smaller sharper shards of broken glass flying through the air and causing injury to your office staff.

Easier Clean Up After an Accident

If you have a window at your business that is regularly broken you understand how much time is taken to clean up. This time consuming task affects business productivity and can be detrimental to the efficiency of your operation. Converting your windows to tempered glass will make the cleanup process much easier, as the remains are very easy to sweep up. Just the same as you would sweep gravel rocks, or other debris; the broken glass can be placed into trash bags without fear of injury. You can also use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to suck up any extra pieces without worry that the vacuum itself will be damaged by sharp shards of broken glass.

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