5 Reasons Why Startups Should Host Employee Seminars

You can bring a horse
to water but you can’t make it drink. Similarly, you can whip up a crackpot
team of entrepreneurs and experts to kickstart your business — the hard part is
getting them to collaborate.

No team simply ‘gels’
of its own accord, just as nobody doubts the value of good teamwork.
Productivity shoots up as tasks are broken down into their constituent
elements, hierarchies flattened and different departments sourced. Humans, let
it not be forgotten, are inherently social animals.

Company culture is
more than just an HR buzzword; it is fast becoming one of the main determining
factors of whether or not workers take a job, particularly Millennials and ‘Gen
Z’ workers (roughly those born between 1997-2005).

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How should companies
turn this nebulous concept into actionable reality? Providing breakfast, it
seems, is a very good place to start.

In short, hosting
employee breakfasts and seminars is a great way to put your employees in
contact with each other whilst creating a more inclusive, educational company

Everyone is a foodie
nowadays, so making an effort with the pastries will automatically get
everybody in a good mood. As for seminars, this is one of the easiest ways you
can help your junior staff develop awareness of wider sectors and skills.
Inviting a range of speakers or putting on a roundtable can also help foster
inclusion and develop your company’s brand both directly, through marketing,
and indirectly, through referrals.

Breakfasts need not
cost the earth nor be limited to large corporations! Done well and planned in
advance, they can provide valuable opportunities in terms of skills training,
brand awareness and company culture.

In this article, I
will indicate 5 ways in which hosting employee breakfasts and seminars can
benefit your small business and its employees.

1. Concentration.

Studies vary, but
with as many as 50% of all UK adults skipping breakfast, the temptation is to
view the most important meal of the day with a certain measure of cynicism. For
most people, just getting up in the morning is a struggle and the thought of
factoring in more time to have a proper breakfast can seem unpalatable.


Yet there is a
scientific consensus that skipping breakfast can lead to a host of health
problems, not least — strange as it may seen — weight gain. Those with a fast
metabolism will suffer the most if they fail to break the fast.

Amazingly, employees
who don’t eat breakfast lose an estimated 82
minutes every day
as a result of poor focus.
So, on a purely chemical level, giving your employees some calories in the
morning will boost your bottom line.

2. Upskill your

Inviting other
entrepreneurs, HR managers and local businesses to give a speech or participate
in a breakfast seminar can have multiple benefits for your employees.

On a basic level, a
quick ‘how to’ series can provide easily digestible insights. This is
particularly useful and relevant for SMEs, who may lack established IT
personnel or technology specialists.

Regular seminars can
bring about deeper changes to the approach and worldview of your employees.
Just hearing about different business models, priorities and potential
audiences can lead to greater appreciation of differences and greater sectorial

3. Networking.

Study after study
after study seems to confirm the oft-cited mantra that what matters is who you
know, not what you know. This is especially the case with SMEs, who may rely on
endorsement or favourable collaboration to distinguish themselves from the

Hosting a team
breakfast or breakfast seminar is a sure-fire way to make and develop
connections, and avoids the numerous pitfalls of evening networking events
(fatigue, family commitments…).

JRP eNetwork Conf 2019 Day1 1488

Why not plan and run
a panel event around a certain theme? You might find yourself attracting
professionals from outside your own company, further enhancing opportunities to
present yourself and represent your brand values.

4. Employee

Young workers
increasingly view the workplace as a source of personal enrichment over and
beyond a financial obligation. A recent Deloitte
shows that almost half of millennials
plan to change jobs within the next two years, which makes retaining talent
more important than ever before.

No recipe exists for
concocting happy employees, but two ways of appealing to younger workers is to
encourage inclusion and value commitment. Team breakfasts can help with both
goals. Man cannot live by bread alone, yet regular breakfasts can help foster a
strong sense of belonging in an otherwise distant workplace.

5. Fun!

If you really throw
yourself into the idea, you can engage with your workforce by varying your
breakfasts up from week to week. It’s not all about granola — you could have
Danish pastries one week, German stollen the next and a nice fry up the week
after! Get people talking about what next Friday might serve up.

Besides the food
itself, you could try and create little challenges to entertain your employees
and help build a sense of fun in the office. Maybe host a quick fire quiz with
prizes for the winners, or have a ‘best breakfast’ competition between your
different teams. Vary it up!

Have you ever hosted an employee breakfast? Did it improve camaraderie in the office? If you have any other creative ways of boosting workplace productivity, I would be delighted to hear from you at tom@tempagogo.com.

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